Frequently Asked Questions

We are an outsourced customer acquisition and marketing company. This means we represent and work on behalf of other companies. We do not have a product of our own, because our service to our clients is our product. A client will hire us to represent them and give them a competitive edge in their market. They use our expertise in this industry that we have from working on behalf of over 50+ brands, to bring them measurable results.
The goal of our recruitment process is to be as fair, open and inclusive as possible for every interested candidate. We want them to enjoy the process as much as you can an interview, in hoping this allows each candidate to show the best version of themselves.

Any resume that is sent into us will get screened by our talent scouting team. That team will invite candidates they potentially see as matches onto a quick video screening interview. This is normally in a small to medium sized group with other candidates. We find that this is the best way to get our message across to all candidates that we will look to consider moving forward with. Whether someone is interviewed in a small or medium sized group, that variable has no correlation to where they stand in the recruitment process at that point. We are looking to accommodate the schedules of the managers and their availability for multiple interview slots.  

The first interview is for us to tell you a little bit more about the company and what the team would expect from someone being considered for the position. It’s an opportunity for you to show you are excited to learn more, as these are recorded for our feedback. After this interview, we send out a quick questionnaire to every candidate to see what people picked up from that brief meeting. We also want to know based on what they learned, what they would be aiming to achieve within our company.

The questionnaires, resumes and video screening call then will land into the hands of the leadership team, where we come together to choose the best suited candidates to have a more in depth meeting with. This allows the candidates to get to know the team and company culture more, find out the details of the day to day role and responsibilities, what career progression looks like in our company, and last but not least, the opportunity to ask any questions they might have. We always aim to have this interview conducted one on one, but occasionally will be in a very small group (2-3 candidates max), if we are short on time or want to advance a couple more individuals than available interviewers. Whoever conducts a candidate’s second round interview, will then feed in the most accurate recommendation possible back to the management team. Managers will then go about selecting the top candidates for a final one on one meeting.

The final stage will be for us to ask any final questions or answer any candidate has. This would typically be a 10-20 minute video meeting with a manager. We want to finalize our understanding of what a candidate would bring to the company and what an individual's goals are. We then use all the information we have to make any final decisions and give any offers.
As our company expands and has increasing demand from its clients, it opens vacancies in leadership and management roles within the company. CLEAR has structured development programs available that proactively train an individual to be able to gradually take on more responsibility and further develop their career. We do not only just allow for the chance for someone to progress within the company, we actively encourage it and set out a plan with tangible goals to get them to positions of higher responsibility and rank. The faster someone wants to progress, the better. If they are prepared to put the work in and learn, we want to see our teammates win!
Our training is tailored to fit the goals and ability of each individual team member. Our goal is to engrain as much information and knowledge about our clients and their vision, our marketing strategies, and as well as other leadership roles into our team members as possible. Happy people are productive people. So we want to provide our team with what they want. Training is available everyday with work shops and a training room that is active every single day. We encourage people to go ask for help and seek out answers to any questions they have. Training is often done one on one, and when someone is brand new to something, we abide by leading by example, and make sure to show someone a skill before they must do it themselves. We also have a company app where we upload videos and training tools that our entire team has access to once they are hired on.
CLEAR works with a whole variety of clients across multiple industries. The maximum size of any company is determined by the amount of work it has potentially available. The more industries and clients we can adapt to working with, the larger our maximum potential. So at this point, we have no industries we would rule out working in. Some of our current and previous campaigns have been in the financial, energy, telecoms, non profit, security and entertainment sectors.
An outsourcing company is one that gets hired to work for another business. Companies outsource some of their responsibilities and tasks elsewhere because other companies specialize in just that one thing. For example a design company might be incredible at the design side of a business but outsource the company’s accounts to a specialized accountancy firm for financial duties. Companies who hire CLEAR, look to us for specialization in customer acquisition and marketing. We have the ability to take on that role for any business, and bring them a higher standard result at a more economical rate than they would be able to do internally. While any client has a whole host of things to consider, we specialize for them in just one area. In simpler terms, we are taking something off their plate while delivering a high quality service.
We always consider someone’s background when a candidate interviews with us. What they have done so far and their background as a person make up who they are today. But we are more interested in who they are as a person rather than what exact professional experience they have. We can lean this way as we are very confident in our training capabilities and ability to develop people within a wide range of experience. We would much rather hire the right person who needs training, rather than someone who won’t fit into our culture but has good experience.
With our demand already as high as it is, we are unable to take on any new clients at the moment. If you would like to join our waiting list for the future, get in touch! We are growing and would love to consider working together in the future!
Bigger, stronger, better! We plan to have grown into the current demand we have and developed our team to new levels. We expect many of our new team members and trainers to have moved onto senior roles and have them help us in tackling new clients and new projects. We are so excited about the possibilities a larger team of senior managers will bring.
With any client we work with, no matter the industry, we run tests to calculate the impact and financial gain of our work. This will include honestly assessing the lifetime value of a customer to an individual brand. Once these tests have been completed and the numbers have been calculated, we present them to the client. At that point it is simple to set up our fee under their gross income for our service. Resulting in guaranteeing an ROI for that business and new client.
Every company grows off demand. We have created systems and results for clients that benefit their business substantially. As we continue to bring value to our clients, we know our demand will continue to escalate as it has in years past. As we fulfill our current clients budgets, we know we can grow and diversify into many other areas. With the demand available and an increasingly more experienced team to assist in that process, we should only be able to grow faster. Looking from the outside in, we have achieved a lot. Internally, we only see it as a better platform to bring in new clients and run more teams.